So my kids are completely and totally into golf. I don’t mean just kinda into golf I mean they are nuts for golf, they watch it on the weekends and are always checking online at scores and different ways to hit shots and make putts and whatever else they need to figure out.

I have played golf for over 30 years and love the game so naturally, I love that they are taking such an interest in it. The problem I am finding is that it is so freaking expensive to play anymore that it is killing me! Memberships are ridiculous and green fees are even worse. We have to take them out of town to play on decent courses that we can afford but it is all worth it.  I grew up playing on a little 9 hole golf course that was a lot of fun but, at the time, I thought it was really under par (see what I did there -lol!) with other places around but once I grew older I realized that it actually was a pretty good design  and I actually loved it.

Anyway back to the kids these days… I really want to help and foster their love for the game so I searched and searched to find someone to give them some lessons at an affordable price. There are a lot of different options out there from golf town to the private course to private instructors.  After a lot of looking around, i settled on London Golf Academy for their golf lessons and club fitting. The instructor there is Mike Zylstra and he is a class A certified professional which I didn’t even know was a thing but it is. Apparently, their are different levels of teaching professionals here and it does make a difference. Anyway, Mike has a great setup up and is amazing with the kids. They are loving the lessons and can almost beat me already! He has the most amazing golf studio to teach from, check it out!

here is a pic of London Golf Academy, If you live in the area I would definitely recommend getting some lessons of your clubs fitted by Mike. You will not be disappointed, and the prices are cheaper than those big guys at golf town or sport check.