Halloween Fun

So it is Halloween and the kids are out and about. I don’t know about you but i just love to see all the action in the neighbourhood and the smiles ans giggles and screams from the little ones as the roam from home to home.

I do hand out candy to the gouls and goblins and like seeing their costumes and this year is no different in that respect. What is different is that I have a dog this year that absolutely needs to see every little one as well! Tucker is only 7 months old and loves children but thinks that every child is going to love hime the way my kids do and that is just not the case.

He got out out on the porch and scared the hell out of a little girl earlier on and I felt so bad. I guess it was a trick before a treat for that little one! I so hope that i didn’t ruin that little girls night.

Any way what is your best Halloween stories? Could be about tricks or could be about treats. let me know.


Golf Lesssons For Kids

Golf Lesssons For Kids

So my kids are completely and totally into golf. I don’t mean just kinda into golf I mean they are nuts for golf, they watch it on the weekends and are always checking online at scores and different ways to hit shots and make putts and whatever else they need to figure out.

I have played golf for over 30 years and love the game so naturally, I love that they are taking such an interest in it. The problem I am finding is that it is so freaking expensive to play anymore that it is killing me! Memberships are ridiculous and green fees are even worse. We have to take them out of town to play on decent courses that we can afford but it is all worth it.  I grew up playing on a little 9 hole golf course that was a lot of fun but, at the time, I thought it was really under par (see what I did there -lol!) with other places around but once I grew older I realized that it actually was a pretty good design  and I actually loved it.

Anyway back to the kids these days… I really want to help and foster their love for the game so I searched and searched to find someone to give them some lessons at an affordable price. There are a lot of different options out there from golf town to the private course to private instructors.  After a lot of looking around, i settled on London Golf Academy for their golf lessons and club fitting. The instructor there is Mike Zylstra and he is a class A certified professional which I didn’t even know was a thing but it is. Apparently, their are different levels of teaching professionals here and it does make a difference. Anyway, Mike has a great setup up and is amazing with the kids. They are loving the lessons and can almost beat me already! He has the most amazing golf studio to teach from, check it out!

here is a pic of London Golf Academy, If you live in the area I would definitely recommend getting some lessons of your clubs fitted by Mike. You will not be disappointed, and the prices are cheaper than those big guys at golf town or sport check.



Back to School Morning Mahem

Back to School Morning Mahem

Some useful tips on how to calm downing those crazy mornings with the kids.

Caught up in the back to school hustle and bustle and nuttiness? Sometimes it seems like it should be easy to get back into the flow of things when September rolls around but it just doesn’t happen that way does it? The stress mounts and the chaos pile up and it’s complete anarchy in the kitchen.  I always find the key to being less stressed and more prepared for the early mornings is to make sure you prepare things the night before:

  1. Make those annoying lunches when yo uare making dinner or cleaning up dinner. This makes it feel like it is all one task instead of using up time for two different tasks at night or rushing in the morning when the kids won’t get dressed and the dog needs to get walked.
  2. Work with your child to lay out tomorrows clothes so they are ready to jump right inot them and there are no last minute arguments about the look. Include everything from shoes to underwear to socks to skirts to shirts.
  3. Mkae sure you have breakfast planned or atleast the easy options ready to go. Don’t forget the heathy foods, bluntly our kids are gettign fat because we don’t prepare for healthy meals and snacks. Let’s take some of the responsibilty here as well!
  4. Get their agendas signed and their backpacks organized as soon as dinner is done or while it is cooking. Again this task will seem like it is part of dinner and won’t be as painful as it can be. Make sure all the paperworks and forms are found, signed, reviewed and returned. Keep the backpack open and in a spot where the kids can put their lunch pails in it in the morning, now it’s their turn for accountability. Keep an eye on what they are doing and help them if they need it but by and large, this should be their thing.
  5. Set your alarm to get up in plenty of time so all this can be accomplished. We always need more time even though we moved to an awesome place in London, closer to kids schools and transit – thanks to the Best Realtor in London (Brian Van Bart — Call him!)
  6. Don’t forget to breathe! It won’t always be easy and the kids won’t always be on board but yo ucan do it!


Just fo rfun this is my new place!

My London House

What About The Graduates?

I watched this video from Gary V the other day and it really hit me hard. I was the one he was the one he was talking about. I didn’t take risks when I was in my early 20’s. I went directly into a safe boring ass job that barely gets me by.

Watch the video:

Here are some text excerpts from this video for the hearing impaired – full credit to Gary V.

“I am so Scared. Scared that there are so many of you graduate this month and have don’t fucking idea what you want to do and that’s OK you should not be stressed about that. I’m actually not scared about that. I’m scared and you don’t realize that you’re entering the greatest 5 year window of your life if you are 22 years old and graduating from college it is you’re 22 years-old and not graduating from college if you are 22 years-old you’re entering  some of the greatest years of your life but being this-this is your moment. Watch this video twice get your mama to watch this send this to your daughter Sally right now because you have to understand this next 5 year window is when you don’t go practical and safe this is not the time to get the job mom wanted you to this is not the time to try to maximize as much money so you can buy a fat whip. This is the time to realise that you’re in the 5 year window and its 3 for some and 8 for others. It’s a 5 year window for you to attack the life you want to live not because it’s the secret or because the world is so zen because it’s fucken hard as shit out there. I am more scared about your nativity because class is easy right when you been doing for the last 16 years is easy it’s a fucken bull shit game, it’s structured, it’s easy, what this thing this thing is hard however that contradicts what I’m going to tell you right now which is this is the best and easiest 5 years of your life because this would you need to attack what you love and what you want to do here is why you don’t have all the baggage. You ay have college loans respect it’s hard as shit you may have the expectations of your parents, mentally hard, fake hard, you may have a lot of other things but this is exactly when you can live with 4 roommates in a basement and fuckin fast food. Do you understand what I am saying?

The world hasn’t sucked out all your dreams and hopes out of you yet, you still got this window.

Love this clip.  Thank you Gary V

It’s the kids these days, right? Make something of yourselves kids. Get out there. Do it. Do it for the right reasons.

Till next time